Custom Design

For the best possible space maximization and workout routines from a home gym or any type of commercial facility and training studio, professional custom design is the best solution.

Specialty Fitness offers design services that will meet the needs of any fitness or wellness center, studo or home fitness room. We work with every client individually to ensure that the finished results are perfect for both the program and the space.

Well Planned Workout Spaces

All custom designs we create for any client is done with precise dimensions and laid out in AutoCAD. This allows everything to go together without last minute issues, and you will know exactly how everything will look once the equipment is in place.

Be sure to visit our Gallery to see a selection of our finished custom designs.


Custom designed fitness centers by Specialty Fitness begin with CAD space planning.


From the smallest home gym to commercial clubs, custom designs from Specialty Fitness make it right from the start. 

The perfect home gym to fit your routine begins with custom design from Specialty Fitness.