Nautilus Nitro Plus Seated Calf

An exciting, rewarding lower body strength equipment experience. Enjoy unique, trailing linkage with a footrest design and stationary heel rest in the Nitro® Plus Seated Calf machine, that helps maintain exceptional muscle isolation.

  • Ankles kept in line with axis of rotation, offering superior isolation
  • Positions user so both gastrocnemius attain maximum stretch
  • Adjustable seat and back pad provide quick positioning and support for variety of sizes


You really have to experience the Nitro® Plus advantage to understand just how radical a difference there is between their Seated Calf machine and other similar fitness equipment. During any exercise, an individual’s strength varies at different points. Other weight machines don’t even attempt to address this strength curve — instead, the weight remains constant from beginning to end. For the user, this can limit muscle recruitment and overall performance.


This unique technology is cutting edge. Driven by their trademark four-bar linkage system, cam design, or a combination of both, this dynamically matches the body’s potential increases and decreases in strength. 


With Nitro® Plus Seated Calf strength machines, clients get immediate, smooth resistance and proper muscle loading through the complete range of motion. The converging press arms on this line of fitness equipment provides the correct way to work out, leading to unprecedented results. The alternative strength training machine designs force the user to follow an incorrect path or motion. Additionally, the independent converging press arms also ensure greater joint rotation for increased muscle contraction.


  • 12 years: Frames, welded moving parts and weight stacks.
  • 3 years: For any moving parts and parts under normal use and service, not already disclosed by this warranty.
  • 1 year: Labor warranty.
  • 6 months: Pads, grips and tethered weight stack pins.
Nautilus fitness equipment innovations delivers better results from the Nitro Plus Seated Calf than similar machines in the strength equipment class.
Nautilus Nitro Plus Seated Calf Specifications