Nautilus Xpload Incline Chest Press

The Nautilus XPLoad Incline Chest Press is far more than your average fitness equipment.


The design of the XPLoad Incline Chest Press provides the traditional 35-degree angle and then some. Further engineeing includes an adjustable back pad and independent, converging movement arms. The XPLoad line of plate-loaded strength equipment successfully bridges the gap between free weights and selectorized fitness areas.


Based on Nautilus' state-of-the-art CAD and motion analysis technology, the XPLoad line offers uncompromised biomechanics with precision strength curves and a full range of movement for a wide range of body sizes. Easily matching the dimensions of all your different clients give a facility far more value in the fitness equipment placed on their workout floor.


The XPLoad Incline Chest Press features include high-quality-materials, including 2" x 4", 11-gauge wall mainframe tubing for impressive aesthetics and structural integrity any commercial facility needs from all their fitness equipment. Nautilus takes the value even further with high precision crafted rotating components that are sealed for life, deep-groove bearings and self-lubricating ball joints. This keen attention to detail from all angles ensures your member enjoyment and you the assets of low maintenance and high quality.


  • Adjustable back pad provides a variety of starting positions beginning at the 35-degree angle
  • Multiple-position hand grips give user options for personal preference
  • Oversized handles spread forces over large area, reducing pressure and increasing comfort
  • High-resolution EX-Glide adjustable sear ratchets up
  • A 45° angle and an extra-wide foot platform to reduce stress to knees
  • Converging arm movement
  • Nautilus Optimal Strength Curve Technology™


  • 12 years: Frames, welded moving parts and weight stacks.
  • 3 years: For any moving parts and parts under normal use and service, not already disclosed by this warranty.
  • 1 year: Labor warranty.
  • 6 months: Pads, grips and tethered weight stack pins.
Increase the results and comfort of your members strength training with the Incline Chest Press from the XPLoad line of Nautilus' advanced fitness equipment.
Nautilus Xpload Incline Chest Press Specifications