TuffStuff Single Station High Low (AP-71HLX: Aluminum Pulleys)

There's a lot more to the TuffStuff Apollo 7000 series Single Station High Low than it's sleek, modern styling.


This attractive piece of fitness equipment also combines ergonomics using the most advanced modular and stand-alone technology available today. The only difference between the AP-71HL and AP-HLX is the upgrade to aluminum pulleys with the AP-71HLX. For heavier use demands, this is the recommended High Low machine in the Apollo 7000 Series.

Tuffstuff has created the industry’s premier gym system. All their strength equipment is designed and manufactured to offer maximum, long-life service with minimal maintenance.


  • Quick release pulley carriage for safety and ease.
  • Built-in front stabilizer functions as foot brace for low row exercise.
  • Multi-purpose Hi/Low pulley station offers virtually unlimited cable exercise potential.
  • Counter-balanced roller style pulley carriage offers single hand adjustments.
  • Dual handle pulley carriage allows bilateral and unilateral exercises.
  • Custom 1:1/4 cable ratio and ball bearing pulleys provide smooth function and unrestricted cable travel.


  • LIFETIME: frames, welds, cams, and weight plates
  • 5-YEAR: bushings, pivot bearings, pulleys and guide rods
  • 1-YEAR: linear bearings and pull-pin components
  • 6-MONTH: finish, cables, upholstery and rubber grips
Stronger pulleys for heavy use durability is the only difference between the AP-71HL and this model Single Station High Low, the AP-71HLX.
TuffStuff Single Station High Low (AP-71HLX: Aluminum Pulleys) Specifications