TuffStuff CalGym Assisted ChinDip

The fact that not all clubs and workout facilities do not have higher than average ceilings hasn't been overlooked by TuffStuff. The CalGym series of fitness equipment offers you a ChinDip station designed to fit your available space.


The CalGym Weight Assist Chin/Dip Trainer CG-5525 offers a compact profile that fits beneath a 7-foot high ceiling. This is the perfect height to work well in corporate fitness rooms, middle schools and also in private homes.


  • Ergonomic angled Chin and Dip bar designed for maximum comfort.
  • Unique three positions pre-stretch device allows customization of knee pad start position.
  • Counter-balanced weight assistance in 10 lbs. increments.


  • LIFETIME: frames, welds, cams, and weight plates
  • 5-YEAR: bushings, pivot bearings, pulleys and guide rods
  • 1-YEAR: linear bearings, pull-pin components
  • 6-MONTH: finish, cables, upholstery and rubber grips
The low profile design of the CalGym Assisted ChinDip allows it to work in any facility. Leave it to TuffStuff to create fitness equipment that solves any facility space dilemma.
TuffStuff CalGym Assisted ChinDip Specifications