TuffStuff 3-Tier Saddle Dumbbell Rack



Ideal for standard and professional dumbbells. Housing more workout pairs in one unit is possible with the PPF-754 3-Tier Dumbbell Rack. For high demand facilities or those super focused on strength training, this Proformance Plus unit was designed for you.


  • Three-tiers holds 15 pairs of regular sized dumbbells.
  • Pro-style rack with individual rubber saddles for each dumbbell.
  • Any dumbbell with a 4 1/4" sized grip fits this rack to a tee.


  • 10-YEARS: frames, welds, cams, and weight plates
  • 5-YEARS: bushings, pivot bearings, pulleys, gas shocks and guide rods
  • 1-YEAR: linear bearings, and pull-pin components
  • 6-MONTHS: finish, cables, upholstery and rubber grips
For larger clubs with lots of strength program traffic, the three tiered saddle rack is most likely more appropriate storage for your fitness equipment.
TuffStuff 3-Tier Saddle Dumbbell Rack Specifications