Free Weights

From strength training and aerobics to sports training and weight loss, the perfect premium free weights fitness equipment is available from Specialty Fitness.A massive category of fitness equipment in great demand for both commercial facilities and home gyms, free weights is an essential part of all sports and fitness training or weight loss workouts.


At Specialty Fitness, our focus has always been to provide the best value for our customers by offering only the best the industry has to offer. There is far more behind our outlook than being an outlet for elite machines and equipment. From our many years of experience in the fitness industry, we know for a fact that any commercial facility, no matter what size, and even our clients who have home gyms, will benefit greatly from insisting that everything they buy will be in their best interests. 

Premium quality fitness equipment and free weights have proven to deliver better results, allow users to reach goals faster and more safely, as well as providing them superior customer service from the manufacturer.


For any type of program, the best quality in free weights is always available from Specialty Fitness. Equipment for better results and increased safety engineering.This section of our inventory contains equipment for all routines from beginner to pro, including Olympic training. You can count on the best in top notch quality from Specialty Fitness. Equipment in this category overlooks no one's needs for exercise or training routines that require free weights. Whether you are involved in aerobics, strength training, athletic training or weight loss, you'll find the perfect products on these pages for both commercial facilities and home gyms.