Hampton Fitness Free Weights


An exercise and fitness routine should be attractive and fun. This is true both for home gyms and commercial facilities, but is probably most important to a member based gym situation. A  facility an inviting, even exciting place for gym goers to be. After all, without beautiful equipment and an enticing atmosphere, your membership could easily dwindle. On the other hand, facility owners and management have other concerns that have nothing to do with user satisfaction. To them quality of construction for safety, low maintenance and durable equipment is always the best choice. Smart strength and fitness equipment manufacturers, like Hampton Fitness take all sides of workout environments in stride with product innovations and design development.


Stepping into the fitness industry in 1996 with the idea that free weights aren't a 'necessary evil', but essential foundations to fitness programs, Hampton Fitness set about bringing long overdue changese to the industry. This makes their products just right and in heavy demand as both commercial and home gym environments. Innovations based on years of experience in iron and steel manufacturing developed with their dedicated team of fitness equipment experts presented us all with exciting, and yes beautiful products, that sets Hampton Fitness apart from the competition.


From their headquarters in Ventura, California, their penchant for new and exciting for gym goers and club owners alike can be seen in their current product lines. If a change doesn’t improve the art of fitness cosmetically or functionally, they don’t add it to their lineup. Going beyond beauty in iron, Hampton realizes that to facility owners safe, attractive and space-efficient storage displays can be as important as the weights themselves. This results in the spending as much time on racking design as in the weights themselves..