Hampton Fitness Pound Bumper Plates


There's a lot more going on here than exciting colors. Hampton Fitness launched their Pound Bumper Plates line in 1999, and swiftly became the #1 supplier of training plates to the educational market. They attribute this almost instant success to their foresight in converting kilogram plate weights to pounds.


Each plate has two tongue grooves that run along the outer diameter of the plate, which allows the the virgin rubber to be molded to the inside of the plate. You will never find inferior recycled rubber on any Hampton Fitness equipment. The 5- and 10-pound allow the user to make much more incremental jumps in weight.

Good news for any fitness facility or home user... Used with the Hampton Fitness Ultra-Lite 15-pound aluminum training bar (IB-72ACE), teaching proper technique is more accessible and results in fewer injuries.


  • Virgin Rubber - not recycled
  • 5lb and 10lb plates are solid rubber
  • Heavier plates base material is cast iron
  • Rubber is molded to outside of plate - not glued!
  • Double flange
  • Sturdy and colorful
  • Available in Club Packs


5 year Commercial Warranty on 25, 35 and 45 lb. plates.


Bright colors on fitness equipment like Pound Bumper Olympic plates make workouts more fun and adds a lot of cheer to any gym environment. Strength training made easier. Hampton's color coded plates allow the user to identify the weight at a glance on the rack.Hampton Fitness equipment looks great in any assortment on a bar with the color coded sizes allowing instant identification of how much weight has been loaded.
Hampton Fitness Pound Bumper Plates Specifications