Hampton Fitness Chrome Beauty Grips

It wasn't just their outward appearance that made these the standard in the ultimate dumbbells. Without a doubt this is fitness equipment whose sleek styling is high class and strikingly different. The Chrome Beauty Grip Dumbbells series from Hampton Fitness also delivers a comfortable feel. They are also specially engineered to give even a novice user a safer workout.


Unlike the rest of the industry's compatible options, the entire dumbbell is hydraulically compressed as one unit. The competition's construction is handles are screwed onto the head and become loose with use.


  • Hard chrome finish over solid steel head
  • European-style design for a sleek, contemporary look
  • Inlaid urethane knurling grips
  • Vertical and horizontal racking available


5 year Commercial Warranty

The finer things in life can include fitness equipment. Chrome Beauty Grips is a most appropriate name for these free weight dumbbells.For small facilities and home gyms, the 2-Tier CBG Pro-Style Rack is perfect. Not only is the 10-pair vertical display rack for this dumbbell super sleek looking, it also has a very compact footprint, making it possible to store more pairs in little floor space.Naturally, if you have a larger gym or a hardcore home strength training routine going on, the Chrome Beauty Grip 3-Tier Club Pack will beautifully suit your needs.The same great looking tower rack design is also available in a smaller 8-pair club pack from Hampton Fitness' Chrome Beauty Grip line of fitness equipment.
Hampton Fitness Chrome Beauty Grips Specifications