Hampton Fitness Dura-Bell Dumbbells

Don't fall for cheap knock-offs, this is the original superior commercial dumbbell. Hampton Fitness invented this free weight fitness equipment style.


There is no equal dumbbell design in its class, and never can be as it is patented. The Hampton Fitness design is extremely reliable, Dura-Bell fixed dumbbells have a unique design that makes them maintenance-free. Even in the busiest fitness clubs and strength programs, Hampton guarantees the structural integrity of their products.


Hampton’s unique design of authentic Dura-Bell dumbbells feature urethane encased heads to minimize damage to your floors and other equipment. The knock-offs use inferior scented, recycled rubber, have the same screw on heads that work loose and won't give you near the long lasting use, beauty or safety. The ergonomic handle on a Dura-Bell is fashioned from hardened chrome and secured to the heads with Hampton Fitness' own patented process. 

Invest wisely, its the best way to raise profitability. Dura-Bell™ U.S. Patent No. 6,099,443


  • Superior quality urethane coating
  • Noise reduction from urethane coated heads
  • No toxic smell from low-quality recycled rubber
  • Heads are threaded and permanently fixed to handle with heat tempered 1/4" steel roll pin
  • Cylindrical metal heads
  • Hardened chrome grips
  • Half-pound sizes only available in Hampton Fitness dumbbells


5 year Commercial Warranty


The real Dura-Bell Dumbbell. Any other look-alike not made at a Hampton Fitness equipment facility is a cheap imitation of the patented original engineering.Dura-Bells on the rack give any part of your workout space a smart, modern designer look.Where floor space is really limited, Dura-Bells look great and are accessible from two sides with Hampton's vertical rack design.
Hampton Fitness Dura-Bell Dumbbells Specifications