Hampton Fitness Fixed Gray Pro-Style Dumbbells

You get more of everything with Hampton Fitness equipment.


No matter what grip or head you choose, this line of dumbbells feature a twice-baked gray enamel finish. There are three handle options: urethane snug grip, deluxe contoured chrome-plated steel and straight chrome-plated steel handles. Dura-Lock is an optional upgrade.


Responsible for some excellent improvements on free weights, Hampton Fitness continues to reinvent the foundation of the fitness industry. Their Fixed Gray Pro-Style Dumbbells offers you virtually maintenance free equipment with the Dura-Lock™ End Cap upgrade option. Additionally, Snug-Grip™ Urethane handles are ergonomically designed and allow the user to concentrate their energy on the target muscle. You can also opt for the rugged, ergonomic contoured chrome handle of the classic straight version.


  • Twice baked gray enamel finish
  • Easy fit to any program through options
  • 3 handle choices
  • Available with the patented Dura-Lock™ end cap upgrade
  • Dura-Lock endcaps rarely loosen up
  • Standard end caps have a chrome plate and washer locking
  • Snug-Grip™ Urethane handle option
  • Steel Ergonomics handle option
  • Straight Steel handle option


5 year Commercial Warranty


Fixed Dumbbells may be an industry standard, but Hampton Fitness equipment means better quality and feature options not available from any other company.Upgrade to Hampton's patented Dura-Lock End Cap and have virtually maintenance free fitness equipment. They rarely loosen up.Three handle choice available on Hampton's Fixed Dumbbells. Urethane Snug-Grip means no slippage, allowing the user to fully concentrate on repetitions rather than their grip.
Hampton Fitness Fixed Gray Pro-Style Dumbbells Specifications