Hampton Fitness HOG Plates

Hampton Olympic Grip (HOG) plates have an advanced design that makes them super-attractive and more functional than ever.


Hampton put some serious thought into the design of this line of free weight fitness equipment. These user-friendly plates have generous-sized grips, making them easy to pick up off of the floor or the rack. Hampton Olympic Grip plates are available in 3 versions: Iron, Rubber- and Urethane-covered.


The recessed design all but eliminates the risk of pinched fingers when stacking. Before, attempting to peel a 45-pound plate off the floor was a laborious and potentially dangerous task. With Hampton's clever design, this is an issue of the past. Utilizing slim grips, the user can maneuver the plate with ease. The urethane plates, which have stainless steel hubs, and the urethane coatings are backed by a 5-year commercial warranty. The structural integrity of all of the Hampton HOG plates are warranted for 5 years as well.


  • Most durable coating in the industry
  • Coating protects floors and equipment
  • Pinch resistant design for easy pick-up
  • International plate weights


5 year Commercial Warranty


A major innovation to ease of use and safety. Hampton's unique grip plate design known as HOG Plates are revolutionary commercial fitness equipment in the free weights category.The infamous Hog Iron Plates from Hampton's fitness equipment innovations give you safer, easier to handle traditional Olympic plate weights.HOG Urethane Plates have a rugged coating that saves your floors and surrounding fitness equipment from damage. HOG Rubber Encased Grip Plates give you the same easy to handle Olympic weights and a 5 year commercial warranty on the virgin rubber coating.Neatly locked onto the bar, HOG Plates offer beautifully designed strength training equipment that's built to last and provide a safer workout.
Hampton Fitness HOG Plates Specifications