Hampton Fitness International Bars

All of Hampton's hardened chrome bars feature a bronze bushing system that guarantees the smoothest rotation possible. 


Hampton Olympic bars feature an electroplated chrome coating that is guaranteed never to flake, chip or peel away from the bar. The rubber end caps keep the bars' ends from possibly getting damaged and offer protection for flooring, plates and the end-user as well.


Each sleeve is roll-pinned to the interior of the shaft, guaranteeing that the sleeve will never come loose. From our patented Tri-Trap bar (IB-35CE) to our unique Dead Lift/Shrug bar (IB-HX-HL) with an exclusive rock-and-rack feature to our Ultra-Lite 6-foot, 15-pound IB-72ACE bar for beginners, smaller individuals and rehabbers, it's precision engineering that sets the standard for excellence.


  • Electroplate chrome finish
  • Chrome guaranteed against flaking, chipping and peeling
  • Rubber end caps protect bar ends from damage
  • Guaranteed non-loosening sleeves
  • Smooth rotation
  • Precision engineering


5 year Commercial Warranty


Another Hampton original, the IB-HX-HL known as the Dead Lift/Shrug bar gives the user an exclusive rock-and-rack feature.From the Club Elite series, the 53-inch Curl Bar (IB-53-CE) features four urethane grips in prominent spots.The IB-35-CE, Hampton's patented Tri-Trap Bar, is just one of the unique new fitness equipment products they've enriched free weights with.The IB-86-APB American Made Int'l Power Bar with Bronze Bushings is a sleek design offering you 1500 lb Test and 185,000 psi. Now that's strength equipment.The IB-72-ACE is Hampton Fitness' Ultra Light 6' Aluminum Training Bar. The perfect fitness equipment to start your beginners at strength training out on.Hampton Fitness' 6 foot International Bearing Bar IB-72-CE fits any Olympic bench.
Hampton Fitness International Bars Specifications