Hampton Fitness Kettlebell Racks

Solid, stable and durable, the 1-, 2- and 3-tiered multi-purpose Kettle Bell Racks by Hampton Fitness are designed to hold their Urethane Coated Kettle Bells, as well as their Iron Kettlebells.


The 2- and 3-tiered designs can really help you get your fitness equipment organized with great space-efficiency. The tiers on the Flat Racks are specifically angled to make loading and unloading extremely easy and very safe. In fact, Hampton's designed the the slit tilt to be bio-mechanically correct. Hampton's great looking HKB-POD rack is a unique design that holds any variation of 6 different Kettle Bell styles.


This will be most interesting to home gym users. These ruggedly built racks are perfect for both kettlebells and dumbbells, so mix and match your equipment as desired. One tier for this and the other tier - or two - for that. You decide. Additionally, our unique  Our home and vertical market version the KB-3T will accomadate a single set from 5 pounds to 50 pounds.


  • POD version rack for Kettlebells only
  • Flat and angled rack mix-n-match dumbbell and kettlebell storage
  • Space saving 2 and 3 tier designs
  • 1 tiered model designed for Kettlebells and Dura-Bells
  • 2 and 3 tiered models hold your choice of bells
  • Standard colors are platinum silver legs with black trays
  • Angled racks are safer, ergonomic dumbbell storage


You can order Kettlebell and Flat Racks in the colors you need to coordinate with your facility's decor. For more information, just give us a call at (818) 882-3535.


5 year Commercial Warranty


Talk about sleek, powerful presentation of fitness equipment. Hampton Fitness' Kettlebells Pod Rack is just right for home gyms and small facilities where great style is in demand.The 1-Tier Flat Rack is perfect for long lasting Kettlebell storage and works well for home gyms and small facility needs.Hampton Fitness' 2-Tier Flat Rack design gives you more Kettlebell storage in the same square footage as their one tier design.House a full dozen Kettlebells on the 3-Tier Kettlebell Rack design. Smart looking, rugged construction you expect from Hampton Fitness.The KB-3T Kettlebells Rack is compact and sturdy for those who need to conserve precious floor space and still house 10 Kettlebells.
Hampton Fitness Kettlebell Racks Specifications