Hampton Fitness Machine Bars & Racks

One of the most popular product lines Hampton Fitness equipment has to offer gets even better now that they've added their exciting Gel-Grip™ urethane handles.


And no wonder - all of their machine bars feature solid steel construction and ergonomic grips. This bold design was their innovation originally, and they still do it better than any of their followers. Don't be fooled by the inferior rubber knock-off products that swell, tear, and fall off the bar. The urethane is the best solution for long lasting value in all types of fitness equipment in the free weights category. If it weren't Hampton would have used rubber too. 


Hampton's urethane coated, non-porous grip surface has a 5 year commercial warranty. You won't find that assurance with any rubber grip imitations. They also have the widest variety of free weights training tools when it comes to mixing up your workouts. Their HTPH series found on this page is a treasury of fresh new ideas. Hampton's vertical machine bar racks feature small footprints, making them ideal for use in limited-space settings. These racks are the perfect way to organize and display your fitness equipment attachment bars in a clean, efficient and safe manner. It beats the heck out of piling them on the floor.


  • Not rubber grips - non porous urethane
  • Ergonomic Gel-Grip handles
  • The only grips with a 5-year commercial warranty
  • Solid steel construction
  • Wide variety of training tools
  • Space saving bar racks
  • Safer, more attractive bar storage solutions


5 year Commercial Warranty


Hampton's 5-place Vertical Machine Bar Rack gives home gyms and small facilities great storage and easy access to thee bars and four weight machine accessories.For the serious home gym and commercial facilities, the large Vertical Machine Bar Rack from Hampton holds everything you need conveniently, in a very compact space.Great looking Hampton Fitness equipment designs. Chrome machine bars with ergonomic urethane grip: 48Revolving Hampton machine bars: 20Count on Hampton Fitness equipment to cover all your machine attachment needs. Their Multi Purpose V Bar, Triceps Full Extension and Press-Down Bars as well as their Multi-Exercise Bar.Revolving Seated Row/Chinning Bar, Deluxe Stirrup machine attachment, along with Hampton's Triceps Hampton Fitness Palm Grip Cable Attachment, 6Dual Action Chain Stirrup Cable Attachment, Wrist Roller Bar and the ergonomic grip equipped Triceps Curl Cable Attachment from Hampton Fitness.
Hampton Fitness Machine Bars & Racks Specifications