Hampton Fitness Neo-Hex Aerobic Dumbbells

The neoprene dumbbell is an original Hampton Fitness equipment design from 1996, they same year they introduced the innovative locking storage rack.


As with all leaders in fitness equipment manufacturing, Hampton is continually working on making a great thing even better. They've done it again. Today, their Neo-Hex Aerobic Dumbbells feature a new, more compact design and superior coating on this exercise classic. Hampton's navy blue neoprene dumbbells incorporate a unique ergonomic handle with the traditional hexagon shaped head. Ideal for strength training and group exercise workouts. 


The original Neo-Hex Aerobic dumbbells quickly made the old vinyl dumbbell obsolete. Now the design includes Hampton's Snug-Grip and is available in 2 lb. to 10 lb. weights. The space-saving, portable locking club rack design is still just as sturdy as it's always been.


  • 2 lb. - 10 lb. weights
  • Aerobics programs
  • Strength programs
  • Order in pairs, as a set, or in the club pack with rack included
  • Ergonomic Snug-Grip handles
  • Traditional hexagon shaped heads


5 year commercial warranty

Improved classic fitness equipment! Hampton's latest innovations on the Neo-Hex Dumbbell feature their trademark Snug-Grip and a rugged, sanitary neoprene coating.The Neo-Hex Dumbbells Club Pack give you mobility and protection from loss via theft with the locking security bar.
Hampton Fitness Neo-Hex Aerobic Dumbbells Specifications