Hampton Fitness Pro Hex Dumbbells

The best value from any type of fitness equipment will always be found in purchasing top quality products. The innovations and adherence to high standards found in all designs from Hampton Fitness give both home gym and commercial facilities long lasting value and many innovations that give you a better workout with great safety features.


The Hampton Fitness ergonomic grip measures 35mm. Hampton Pro-Hex dumbbells are made with a solid steel handle from 15lbs to 100lbs. They are turned down from 35mm stock, unlike their competitors who cast theirs at 25mm and are made entirely of cast iron. This is an inferior construction that increases the chance of the head breaking away from the handle.


With Hampton'a fishtail molding process, safety is critical. With other dumbbell manufacturers, what you see isn't what you get - the safety factor in a club situation is unseen to the naked eye. Discovery of how lacking in quality cast fitness equipment handles are always comes after someone is injured. With a baked enamel finish, Pro-Hex Dumbbells give you the toughest and most durable exterior coating in our industry.


  • The original ergonomic hexagonal dumbbell
  • Consistent size, shape, and coloring
  • No metal burrs or pits
  • Solid 35-millimeter steel handle
  • Toughest - most durable coating in the industry


5 year Commercial Warranty


When it comes to top quality, super durable dumbbells, you can't beat Hampton Fitness' design on their Pro Hex Dumbbells.Compact Pro-Hex Dumbbell storage for home gyms and small facilities is just right with Hampton's V-2-8 Vertical Rack.Store twice the amount of Pro-Hex Dumbbells in the same small footprint with the four-sided V-4-16 vertical rack from Hampton Fitness.
Hampton Fitness Pro Hex Dumbbells Specifications