Hampton Fitness Pro-Style Racks

Top quality saddle-style dumbbell racks from Hampton Fitness. Equipment designed beautifully to hold a variety of different types of dumbbells.


Pro-Style Racks are available in 2 and 3-tiered models. The 3-tiered version is perfect for those with constraints on available floor space. All of their saddle-style racks are constructed from heavy-duty 12 and 14-gauge steel. This ensres anyone - from home gyms to commercial facilities long lasting value, even under high traffic conditions and heavy use.


Hampton's racks have no sharp edges to disfigure your dumbbells, or cause user injury. Their Pro-Style saddle racks have biomechanically-designed tiers to make loading and off-loading your dumbbells safer and less labor-intensive. This feature also reduces the chances for injuries to the user during workouts. 


  • Compact storage capacity for 6 to 15 pairs of dumbbells
  • Designed for a variety of different dumbbells
  • Space saving 2 and 3 tier designs
  • 1 tiered model designed for Kettlebells and Dura-Bells
  • 2 and 3 tiered models hold any multi-sided type of dumbbells
  • Standard colors are platinum silver legs with black trays
  • Ergonomic design lowers chance of injury at the rack


You can order Flat Tray Racks in the colors you need to coordinate with your facility's decor. For more information, just give us a call at (818) 882-3535.


5 year Commercial Warranty


The 2-Tier Saddle Rack with 6 dumbbell saddles from Hampton fitness gives home gyms and small facilities smart looking racks for fitness equipment storage.Need more storage space for your Pro-Style Dumbbells? The Hampton 10-saddle 2-Tier Pro-Style Dumbbell Rack could suit your needs to a tee.You can only organize so much weight in one spot. The 3-Tier Pro-Style Dumbbell Rack from Hampton Fitness gives you compact saddle storage for 12 pairs of dumbbells.
Hampton Fitness Pro-Style Racks Specifications