Hampton Fitness Vertical Racks

Hampton's vertical dumbbell racks are square footage limitation friendly! You'll find an assortment of styles to choose from here with small footprints, perfect for even the most limited-space environments.


Hampton Fitness designed their 2-sided and 4-sided designs, as well as their unique five-pair Twin Tower rack just for small facility and home gym fitness equipment storage. Depending upon your special needs and budget, there's a good chance that we have a free weights rack on this page that's perfect for you.


You can order Flat Tray Racks in the colors you need to coordinate with your home gym or facility decor. For more information, just give us a call at (818) 882-3535.


5 year Commercial Warranty


The first of three choice in 5-place vertical dumbbells racks, Hampton Fitness's MV-2-5 model is solid looking with a compact footprint.Sculptural modern design in this unique twin towers style found in Hampton Fitness' V-TT-5 model dumbbell rack .The most compact footprint vertical rack from Hampton Fitness, the VH-5 needs less than one and a half square feet of floor space.For small facilities and home gym fitness equipment, the MV-JB-6 Vertical Jelly Bell Rack steps up the impact of those brilliant colors for long lasting storage of aerobic dumbbells.Small footprint Hampton Fitness equipment storage comes in many sizes. The V-2-8 Vertical Rack nicely houses 8 pairs of dumbbells.The largest of Hampton's two sided vertical racks, the V-2-10 holds 10 pairs of dumbbells in one square foot of floor space.For even greater storage capacity, the V-4-13 is well suited to medium or larger facilities for housing 13 pairs of dumbbells in a compact space.This four sided vertical rack, the V-4-16, is Hampton Fitness' largest compact footprint vertical dumbbell rack and holds a total of 16 pairs.
Hampton Fitness Vertical Racks Specifications