Tuff Stuff Odyssey 5 Home Gym

The Tuff Stuff Odyssey 5 gym is capable of a variety of different exercises, as well as, smooth and user-friendly adjustment features. In addition, this gym has been designed to meet the needs and performance requirements for a suitable home exercise machine.


  • Convenient range of motion device on the press bar arm easily adjust for individual body size and starting position on chest, incline, shoulder presses and mid rows.
  • Efficiently designed frontal system offers a clear advantage for limited space areas (against a wall or in a corner). All exercises are performed from the front of the machine.
  • Contoured back pad easily adjusts for proper body positioning on the chest, incline and shoulder presses and mid row exercises.
  • Footplate flips up for seated row exercise and down for other low pulley exercises.

The currently available TuffStuff Odyssey 5 Home Gym is in great condition and ready to help you reach your workout goals. This unit has been fully inspected and serviced by our certified fitness equipment technicians.


Tuff Stuff Odyssey 5 Home Gym - Compact and flexible
Tuff Stuff Odyssey 5 Home Gym Specifications