Spirit Fitness XBR55 Semi Recumbent Bike

Typical stationary exercise bikes are wider than a normal road bike. The reason is to allow for the braking mechanism, pulleys, drive components and plastic covers. Since the bike is wider, so is the distance between the pedals. In the exercise machines industry, this width between the pedals is called the Q factor.


Their pedal system is designed so the Q factor is the smallest in the industry, but the improvements made don't stop there. Spirit also custom designed and tooled a new pedal that provides a 2° inward tilt to compensate for the Q factor not being perfect. Having a small Q factor in addition to the 2° inward tilt of the pedals puts the user into a biomechanical neutral alignment. This means that your feet, ankles, knees and hips are lined up properly ensuring a comfortable workout. 


On top of the Spirit breakthrough pedal design engineering, the XBR55 bike has excellent workout measuring capabilities on the console.


  • Easy walk-through mounting design
  • Nylon mesh seat back has angle adjustment
  • Resistance controls on seat handlebars
  • User friendly both in motion and monitoring
  • Heart Rate programming
  • Cooling fan & bottle caddy integrated in console
  • Transport wheels that are engaged when the rear of the bike is lifted
  • Easy cable lever seat adjustment even while on the bike 


The console features found on the XBR25 are just the beginning. The main screen will display RPM, Calories burned, Time (elapsed or countdown), Distance travelled, Pulse, and Resistance Level, Program Name, Watts, # of Laps completed, and Segment Time. There is also a resistance level profile graph that lets you see how hard you have worked and how challenging the upcoming segments will be.

Additional workout monitoring on the XBR55 also include:

  • Heart Rate Bar Graph - The console LCD screen will display your current heart rate anytime a pulse is detected. The Bar Graph, located right of the LCD screen, will show your current heart rate % in relation to your projected maximum heart rate, which is determined by your age that you entered during the programming phase of any of the 10 programs.
  • Muscle Activation Figure - The anatomical figure located at the top of the console lights all areas that are activated when using the bike during any of the programs. You can control which muscles are activated by customizing the resistance profile during the set up phase of console programming. If you accept the default program profile, the selected program will determine which muscles will be activated by automatically adjusting the resistance. LED body lights have 3 colors to show different levels of muscle activation


  • LIFETIME: frame and brakes
  • 10 YEARS: parts
  • 1 YEAR: labor

IMPORTANT: This fitness bike is intended for residential use only and is warranted for this application. Any other application voids this warranty in its entirety.

Spirit Fitness has some excellent home exercise machines with great concentration on comfort, precision and quality.Speakers for MP3 music are an added feature on the XBR55 console. Spirit's easy to read LCD display gives easy to read data to keep motivation going to reach those goals.Get the right fit with the fully adjustable reclining backrest on the XBR55 bike from Spirit Fitness.You'll enjoy more comfort working out on the exercise machines over others in this class thanks to the mesh seat backs that allow lots of airflow.Unique to Spirit Fitness, the heavy duty 30 lb. flywheel gives your greater inertia. That all important revolutions per minute and output watts that deliver better workout results.Consistently correct position throughout the workout thanks the the 2 degree chamber angle that takes the awkwardness away from the wider body of indoor exercise bikes.
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Spirit Fitness XBR55 Semi Recumbent Bike Specifications