True Fitness Bikes


For over 29 years, True Fitness has been delivering superior products for both commercial and home gym users. Their continual testing and keen attention to creating the perfect biomechanical motion has made them a world leader in cardiovascular workout machines.  Built for incredible durability, even home users are purchasing exercise bikes that have a commercial strength platform, ensuring many years of comfortable workout action with the ultimate fitness results.



TRUE PS bikes combine commercial quality materials with smart design for an overall package that is unbeatable in performance and durability. Featuring walk-through design, the PS recumbent provides easy access, perfect for beginners or those recovering from an injury. These exercise machines reduce back stress and offer simple programming, making exercise an easy and enjoyable process.


ES Series Bikes

TRUE ES bikes offer a safe, stable and comfortable ride through their innovative design. ES bikes allow for the ultimate in customization. Their walk-through recumbents make it easy to get on and off your bike. Adjustable mesh seats on ES recumbents, as well as an ergonomically designed seat for the upright, give you a comfortable but realistic cycling experience. For the best in design, features, and innovation, look no further than TRUE ES bikes.