True Fitness ES700 Recumbent Bike


As with all exercise machines from True Fitness, the newly redesigned self-generating ES700 Recumbent was designed and engineered with the user foremost in mind.  This exercise bike is manufactured with commerical-grade materials and the finest components for extreme durability.  The new cutomized display options, quality of construction and it's sleek design, combination make this a must-have piece of home gym equipment. 


The walk-through design on the new ES700 bike accommodates users of all fitness levels.  This recumbent bike is also one of the smallest walk-through bikes in the industry, allowing you to maximize your workout space at home. 


TRUE has taken the traditional mesh seat to the next level with an all-new elastic mesh material that offers one of the most comfortable rides in the industry.  This same material is used in commercial office chair applications and is custom engineered for optimal comfort and long usage.   


The convenient thumb controls provide an innovative apporach to user interface. 

All seat adjustments are easy to identify in their True blue color.  The wrap-around adjustment accommodates users of various sizes and makes seat customization easy to manage. 


Dual Window Blue LCD console is the standard user interface, but as True can always be relied on for, it has all the basic features you need from great home workout equipment.

  • Safety features include the True walk-through design.
  • 6 Preset programs and 16 workout resistance levels.
  • 25 Manual workout resistance levels.
  • Single target HRC is standard. 
  • Standard with the 9 most important data readouts. 
  • Basic iPod compatibility! Dock, charge and change songs
  • Tablet PC and other device securely mounted on the new accessory/reading rack. A rubber-lined interior and tablet guards ensure your mobiles are safe throughout your workout. 
  • 2 Accessory trays and 1 water bottle holder


Upgrade to the Dual Window Red LED console for getting more into and out of working out on the all new True engineering in cardio exercise machines. Features comparison! Click the Specifications button under our image viewer to the right.

  • Heart rate monitoring strap included.
  • Polar equipped wireless heart rate monitoring.
  • 7 HRC workouts
  • 7 Preset programs + 3 custom programs.
  • 16 Preset resistance levels. 
  • 21-Speed road bike simulation mode.
  • USB port, iPod compatibility and entertainment ready.
  • Add Time Remaining and Elapsed Time to workout data readouts. 


  • LIFETIME: Frame
  • 10 YEARS: Parts
  • 1 YEAR: Labor
  • 6 MONTHS: Headphone Jack, Connector for your iPod, and USB Port (No labor covered.)
True Fitness excels in cardio exercise machines, yet the all new ES700 Recumbent Bike offers you even better innovations.The best materials and a sleek design, the new ES700 Recumbent Bike from True Fitness is home gym equipment with impressive all around value.New innovations on the standard Blue LCD Console give you simple to program workouts and easy to access data readouts.Get more from your workout, increased entertainment capabilities and 21-speed road bike simulation with an upgrade to the Red LED console on the ES700 Recumbent Bike from True Fitness.Adjust your position and your workout conveniently and easily on True's ES700 bike.Engineering for total comfort is found on all True Fitness exercise machines, like the new features on their ES700 mesh seat.The latest technology gives you simple to set programming along with a super comfortable ride on ES700 Recumbent Bikes.
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True Fitness ES700 Recumbent Bike Specifications