Spirit Fitness Ellipticals

Spirit Fitness provides a safe, comfortable workout on machines built to deliver an exceptional experience.  Spirit continually improves their designs and applies innovations from rigorous field testing.  A Spirit elliptical puts your workout at a level normally found only in a club.


  • Kinetic Energy: Spirit focuses on the kinetic energy at the foot pedal, taking into account all the moving parts of the machine, the angle of the foot pedal, and stride length. The result is the perfect formula with the smoothest start & finish on every elliptical motion. 
  • Adjustable Foot Pedals: A simple pull of the pedal handle gives you 3 different adjustment angles from 0 to 5 to 10 degrees allowing you to find the most comfortable position for your gait pattern. 
  • Dual Wheels: Spirit's custom-designed dual concave wheels on an extruded track give each pedal twice the support to provide a more stable pedaling motion. Combining the dual wheels with an aircraft-quality aluminum wheel track provides the smoothest & most stable elliptical trainer on the market.
  • Two-Degree Difference: Spirit's pedals are uniquely designed with an integrated two-degree inward tilt for a more ergonomically correct position. 
  • Built To Last: The highest quality materials and sound engineering provides home gyms with solid exercise machines that will provide a smooth, comfort workout for many years to come.



There is less joint impact with an elliptical than a treadmill, plus they add the advantage of working your lower body muscles while strengthening the heart simply by increasing the resistance. Ellipticals give you a form of exercise that is full weight bearing, making them more dual-functioned than a semi-recumbent bike. This means that along with strengthening your muscles, you will maintain or increase the bone density in your lower body.



The E-Glide, creates a completely new workout. Spirit took a concept and turned it into a full-body workout. It was a challenge that took many years, samples, & re-designs, but in the end they developed the CG800 Commercial e-Glide aimed at indoor cycling classes. Due to the overwhelmingly positive response from the club scene, you can now enjoy the same total body workout in your home gym with the introduction of two residential class e-Glide exercise machines. ?