WaterRower Indo Row

Rather than being propelled by the machine, with a WaterRower, you are the engine. You may wonder, why water, after all its totally different than the mechanisms of any other type of fitness equipment on the market today.


This means there is no need for anything more than the custom cupped paddles and the water in the tank to create the resistance that is proper for your speed of movement. An amazing natural substance that has been creating power by resistance since time immoral, along with infusing man with relaxation and mental peace. The WaterRowers unique WaterFywheel is designed to emulate the exact dynamics of a boat moving through water. The result is the perfect exercise working over 80% of your body's muscle mass with less exertion felt than any other type of workout.


You're in for a totally new experience with this home fitness equipment and the surprising results it can deliver. Renown for the precise replication of boat rowing, the calories burned far exceed those found with any other fitness equipment available today. "Rowing, indoors or outdoors, at any exercise level of intensity, requires a greater exercise expenditure than other aerobic activity." Dr. C. Everett Koop, former US Surgeon General.


  • Sliding Seat - Vigorously uses large mass groups of muscles: upper, lower and trunk muscles.
  • Resistance Is Natural - 800 times denser than air, water no need for mechanical dampening or resistance typical of fitness equipment with an air rower design.
  • Pleasant Workouts - The smooth, silky movement of the water against the WaterFlywheel delivers a tranquil and relaxing experience not found in any other type of exercise machine.
  • Lower Perceived Exertion - You can burn more than 1000 calories an hour and with far less noticeable effort put forth than other aerobic exercises.
  • Solid Wood Body - Handcrafted from solid Ash
  • Metal Monorails - Featuring long lasting aluminum monorail design.
  • Series 4 Performance Monitor - A patented design created for ease of use and user friendliness. Gives workout data and is PC interface capable with addition of monitor cable.
  • Readouts - Basic Intensity, Basic Distance, Timed Workouts, Distance Workouts


WaterRower will replace or repair at its factory or nominated service centre any WaterRower or WaterRower component found to be defective in material or workmanship for a period of ONE (1) YEAR from the date of initial shipment by WaterRower. The Warranty is Upgradeable to a THREE (3) Years on all Components and Five (5) Years on all Wooden Components by registering your WaterRowerwithin the first year of purchase.

Home fitness equipment powered by you engineered to deliver the fullest total body workout possible through the perfect exercise.Enjoy the same level of user interface as commercial models, including the PC connectivity for data download and commercial software and online rowing programs.
WaterRower Indo Row Specifications