TuffStuff Chin/Dip, VKR & Push-Up Combo

TuffStuff's solution to adding three free weight stations in one compact spot of the always limited space in home gyms doesn't skimp on quality.


This user friendly exercise equipment gives you comfortable back support and contoured arm rests. This highly valued piece of weight training equipment is designed to provide you with proper upper torso alignment and positioning during every workout exercise. 


  • Space efficient with multiple exercise options such as chin-ups, dips, knee raises, ab crunches and push-ups
  • Dual function support pad designed for VKR back support as well as ab crunch board
  • Narrow and wide grip chin-up bar


Lifetime* on everything to the original purchaser when used only in a home environment. (*See Owner's Manual for specific information on warranty, parts, service and labor)

TuffStuff is great at designing home gym equipment that maximizes your available space, as is seen with the variety of routines possible on this piece of strength equipment.
TuffStuff Chin/Dip, VKR & Push-Up Combo Specifications