TuffStuff Crossover Pulley

A wide array of cabled exercises can be performed on the Crossover Pulley station. Purchasing TuffStuff's model gives you the highest quality of materials and construction available in home gym equipment.


Even with limited space this gives you the right kind of strength training equipment to work every major muscle in the body. They have designed it to be user friendly, safe and to provide great comfort for a better workout experience.


  • Fully adjustable high/low cable pulley system with a pivot range of 180-degree
  • Integrated dual swivel and free moving nylon handles
  • 4-way corner bracing and wide base for greater stability
  • Built-in wide and narrow grip chin-up bar
  • (2) 200 lbs. weight stack


Lifetime* on everything to the original purchaser when used only in a home environment. (*See Owner's Manual for specific information on warranty, parts, service and labor)

Variety in exercises and smoothly operating home gym equipment adds value and results to your home workout routine.
TuffStuff Crossover Pulley Specifications