TuffStuff Adjustable Hyper Extension Bench

If you're looking for more versatility in routines for building core strength and developing stronger low back muscles, the Adjustable Hyper Extension Bench could provide you with the perfect home gym solution.


TuffStuff's bench is designed to be an excellent, long lasting investment. All the pieces of home gym equipment they make offer you the highest quality of materials and construction available to outside of commercial club lines.


  • Adjustable from 45-degree hyper to full roman chair workout position
  • Telescoping hip support adjustment
  • Built-in wheels for easy roll-away


Lifetime* on everything to the original purchaser when used only in a home environment. (*See Owner's Manual for specific information on warranty, parts, service and labor)

Its rare that you don't need to maximize the versatility of your home gym equipment and this great design from TuffStuff helps you do just that.
TuffStuff Adjustable Hyper Extension Bench Specifications