TuffStuff Power Squat/Calf Machine

Develop your lower body power with less strain on the knees and a safe start to finish repetition every time.


Not only that, TuffStuff's Power Squat Calf Machine is designed to give you proper body alignment through the full range of motion. Ruggedly built from top quality materials in a way TuffStuff is famous for as the leader in home gym strength equipment.


  • Self-spotting lockout system assures safe start/finish position
  • Unique convex footplate design eases pressure on knees, feet and ankles
  • Heavily padded and ergonomically-shaped shoulder support provides proper body alignment throughout the range of motion
  • Non-slip foot bar for calf raises
  • Built-in Olympic weight plate holders


Lifetime* on everything to the original purchaser when used only in a home environment. (*See Owner's Manual for specific information on warranty, parts, service and labor)

For strength workouts you can count on TuffStuff home gym equipment to give you a safer, more comfortable workout.
TuffStuff Power Squat/Calf Machine Specifications