TuffStuff Multi-Functional Trainer

You'll find the ability to work the major muscle groups using 18 different cabled exercise routines on TuffStuff's Multi-Functional Trainer.


The design allows users to perform both fitness and rehab exercises with a wide frame that accommodates wheelchairs. Leave it to TuffStuff to think of everyone's home gym equipment needs and build a fitness machine that will be long lasting and help you realize your goals.


  • Compact and space efficient design
  • Extension arm offers 150-degree (15 positions) of "high-to-low" vertical adjustments and 165-degree (5 positions) of "side-to-side" horizontal adjustments
  • Hydraulically supported arms for easy and safe vertical adjustments
  • Wide-base frame area easily accessible for wheelchair, rehab equipment, workout benches and stability balls
  • Swivel double-pulley bracket design offers a wide variety of functional and sport specific exercises
  • 200 lb. weight stack


Lifetime* on everything to the original purchaser when used only in a home environment. (*See Owner's Manual for specific information on warranty, parts, service and labor)

Versatile home gym equipment designed to fit almost everyone's workout needs from body building and shaping to recovery therapy routines.
TuffStuff Multi-Functional Trainer Specifications