Vectra OnLine Gyms

Vectra innovations have once again revolutionized the home gym equipment world with their OnLine Home Gym systems.Emphasis on Biomechanics

As with all Vectra machines, biomechanics is a top priority. This emphasis results in superior muscular development and maximum comfort. The design ensures that each exercise is performed in the correct position, with necessary body support and with each muscle group moving through its correct and full range of motion.

Your Time is Valuable

With conventional machines, you can spend much of your valuable workout time adjusting seats, press arms and other components with off-the-shelf pop pins and annoying tightening-down knobs. Not so with Vectra. The patented OnLine®  “no cable change system” means just that. And, adjustments to exercise components, such as the press arm, lat hold-downs and the preacher curl support pad are made while you are in your exercise position, with one simple movement, such as a flick of the finger.

What You See is What You Get

Vectra weights are calibrated in pounds, not in unrelated “units” as found on other machines. If you put the selector pin in at the 50 pound weight, you’re lifting 50 pounds. You’ll discover even more examples of intelligent design during your first workout.

Setting the Standard

With its massive beauty, ease of operation, quality materials, and superior design, it’s easy to see that Vectra has deserved its reputation as an industry leader.

Vectra OnLine® Home Gyms