Vectra 1450 OnLine Home Gym

The 1450 On-Line Home Gym is the latest in the exciting evolution of Vectra fitness equipment. It incorporates many recent revolutionary design concepts found on other models in their home and commercial weight machine lineup. Here you have functionality rare in home gyms and amazing versatility on just a 6’ x 6’ space. Get more from truly limited floor space, the 1450 allows you to place it just about anywhere... against a wall, in a corner or out in the middle of a room. Don't compromise your workout quality or routine. You won't have to with this home gym. All exercises are performed WITHIN the footprint because the 1450 surrounds you. 


Most small gyms on the market are 'chair-based' and don't offer nearly as many legitimate exercises as bench-based gyms such as the 1450. They sacrifice not only the number of exercises, but the comfort, correctness, and effectiveness of Vectra “bench-based” gyms. The bench format offers a great many pressing angles, positions that can be used with dumbbells as well. Additionally, the station can be used without the bench so that exercises like squats, calf raises, dips, and shrugs can be performed. Most chair-based gyms are missing these exercises entirely. When personal trainers equip their studios, they opt for the variety offered by a multiposition bench. A bench just like you’ll find on the On-Line 1450.


  • Compact weight machine
  • Corner unit, wall unit or open floor placement
  • Total body workout
  • Easy to use
  • Squats, Dips, Shoulder Shrugs and Calf Raises
  • No pop pins or screw down adjustments
  • Convenient weight stack access from any exercise position
  • Large number of high quality exercises


This emphasis results in superior muscular development and maximum comfort. The design ensures that each exercise is performed in the correct position, with necessary body support and with each muscle group moving through its correct and full range of motion. Vectra’s adherence to biomechanical correctness won them the honor of being selected by the American Council on Exercise as the weight machine used to demonstrate proper exercise form in its Personal Trainer Manual.


With conventional machines, you can spend much of your valuable workout time adjusting seats, arms and components with off-the-shelf pop pins and annoying tightening down knobs. Not so with Vectra. The patented On-Line® “no cable change system” means just that. And, adjustments to exercise components are made while you are in your exercise position, with one simple movement, such as a flick of the finger


  • Requires minimal adjustments and maximizes your valuable workout time.
  • As a bench based gym, it provides comfort, proper exercise positioning, several pressing angles, and the ability to perform dumbbell exercises.
  • The lying leg curl includes adjustable contoured leg rollers, and is performed in the traditional prone position.
  • Adjustable high pulley accommodates various ceiling heights and physical characteristics of different users.
  • Intelligent design creates a versatile environment where squats, dips, shoulder shrugs, calf raises, flat and decline bench presses may be performed. These exercises are typically not found on other manufacturers' gyms, or are not of the same high quality.
  • The components used on the 1450 are the very best, including stainless steel guide rods, powder coated weight plates, ball bearing pulleys, and aircraft quality cable with stainless steel fittings.
  • Large diameter tubing, besides adding to the integrity of the welded frame, creates an elegant and aesthetically pleasing look.
  • Swiveling low pulley design increases the number of available upper and lower body exercises, to more thoroughly train your smaller muscle groups.
  • 4 Frame colors and 14 upholstery colors (2 standard, 12 premium) available.
  • Handcrafted and proudly made one at a time in the U.S.A.
  • Includes instructional DVD and exercise / safety poster.


  • Integral Weight Stack Shrouding
  • Padded Ankle Strap
  • Lat Bar, Curl Bar, two Single Handles
  • Cable Extension
  • Adjustable Lat Hold-Down
  • Exercise/Safety Poster


  • 1450 Option Kit: Squat Attachments,
  • Calf Raise / Seated Row Block, Foot Hold-Downs
  • Accessory Rack
  • Custom Handle Kit: Parallel Grip Lat Bar, Close Grip Multi-Function Bar, Triceps Strap
  • 10” and 15” cable extensions
  • Dual Grip Handle
  • Close Grip Press Option
  • Cambered Bar
  • Dumbbell Racks
  • 2-1/2 and 5 lb. Add-On Plates


  • LIFETIME: Frame
  • 5 YEARS: weight stack, guide rods, pulleys, bearings 
  • 3 YEARS: cables, cable attachments, upholstery.


The Vectra 1450 offers you compact home gym equipment that fits in a corner, but doesn't compromise your workout one bit.Engineered to precision, Vectra has aptly applied the trademark Cornerstone® to their On-Line 1450 Home Gym... equipment you're going to love working out on.Safety and function has been paid rapt attention to in the engineering of the Vectra 1450 Home Gym.Total innovation in entry level home gym equipment, the 1450 offers truly correct positioning in every repetition.
Vectra 1450 OnLine Home Gym Specifications