Vectra VFT-100 Multi-Functional Trainer

If you have only space for one piece of home gym equipment, the VFT-100 Multi Functional Trainer could be the perfect machine for you. As Vectra Fitness states many times, living is moving, and moving properly with good balance and coordination is key to everything we do every day in addition to being the key to good health and becoming or staying phyiscally fit. 


Life IS movement, whether it’s in sports, work, or the normal chores of the average day. And if you think about it, almost all physical activity originates with the “core” or muscles of the midsection. These are the muscle groups that provide the strength, stability, and velocity to the arms and legs. Therefore, “functional training” goes hand-in-hand with “core training.”


  • Includes Body ResiStability! More About Body ResiStability™
  • VFT-100 bench for traditional leg extensions and hamstring curls
  • 49 pulley positions allow multiple training angles and movements
  • Creates environment to strengthen your core, improve balance and joint stabilization
  • Vectra-designed sport handles available for sports specific training


The Vectra VFT-100 is excellent home gym equipment, giving you the ability to exercise multiple muscle groups instead of isolating one muscle group. This machine gives you all the functionality that barbells and dumbbell exercises provide, and more.The VFT-100 is capable of adapting as your exercise and training demands change. Vectra also has custom designed sport handles for sport specific training. All of this to be accomplished in a small, compact space.


It offers unmatched ease of use and versatility in the functional trainer category. The true measure of a functional trainer is versatility, which can be measured many exercises can be performed, how many cable angles can be created, how many possible pulley positions there are and how much cable travel is available. More pulley positions means you’ll be able to select the precise angle required for your exercise, whether you are training for a specific sport or task or simply focusing your efforts towards maximum conditioning of your core muscle groups.


  • Body ResiStability™ - Vectra's cutting edge training concept. 
  • VFT-100 bench allows you to perform lying leg curls and seated leg extensions.Compact, space efficient design fits in a corner or up against a wall.
  • Easy to use design requires minimal adjustments and maximizes your valuable workout time.Its versatility can be measured by the multiple cable angles and pulley positions, which translate into a virtually unlimited number of available exercises.
  • 2 central high pulleys, 2 wide pulleys with multiple height adjustments, and 1 central low pulley combine for a total of 49 different pulley positions.
  • The wide, swiveling pulleys adjust from 6' high to 4" off the ground.Allows use of fitness ball or other stability training devices.
  • Custom Sport Handles and Grips for many popular sports.Wheelchair accessible and ADA compliant.
  • Superior choice for injury prevention, sport specific training, and rehabilitation.
  • Ability to perform any dumbbell movement or barbell exercise.
  • Best quality components used: including stainless steel guide rods, powder coated weight plates, ball bearing pulleys, and aircraft quality cable with stainless steel fittings.
  • 4 Frame colors and 14 upholstery colors (2 standard, 12 premium) available.
  • Handcrafted and proudly made one at a time in the U.S.A.
  • Includes 3 exercise posters


  • 10 YEARS: Frame 
  • 5 YEARS: Weight stack, pulleys, guide rods
  • 1 YEAR: Cables, upholstery and bearings
Perform dozens of upper body, lower body and core exercises properly from a prone, seated or standing position.The Vectra VFT-100 was rated the best premium home gym equipment investment in 2007 by Consumers Digest... even before they added Body ResiStability to the machine.Strength training routines for all your major muscle groups are easily and effectively performed on Vectra's VFT-100 Multi Functional Trainer.Swap out the VFT bench for workouts on this awesome home gym multi functional trainer using a fitness ball.From weight loss to toning or shaping routines, and on into maintaining the new you - the VFT-100 becomes your home gym equipment asset every step of the way.Gain the advantage over your competitors or team buddies with the sports specific training functionality Vectra's VFT-100 puts at your fingertips.The best home gym equipment features incredible versatility to grow and change with your fitness goals. This feature of the VFT-100 is one reason it ranked #1 with Consumer Digest.Baseball, golf, hockey and more sports specific add-on accessories available exclusively from Vectra Fitness for the VFT-100 Mulit Functional Trainer.
Vectra VFT-100 Multi-Functional Trainer Specifications