True Fitness Z5.0 Treadmill

The Z5.0 treadmill meets TRUE's uncompromising standards for fitness equipment quality with a walk-through frame that allows full use of the Z5's running surface, but keeps the footprint small to maximize your space. Sleek, intelligent design complements a room instead of taking it over.


The Z5 has TRUE's patented Soft System™ deck. The front third of the deck is softer, so that when your foot strikes the tread belt, it reduces the impact. As your foot moves back along the belt, the surface stabilizes to give you a firm push-off. This means significantly less stress on your ankles, knees, hips, and back. It also reduces trampolining,that annoying bouncy feeling that you can get with other treadmills. In addition, the Z5 offers an orthopedic belt that reduces foot and leg stress even further. 


Rather than using lightweight aluminum, all TRUE treadmills feature heavy-gauge, robotically welded steel throughout for superior stability, durability and performance. This helps ensure that you and your TRUE will be together for years to come. 


The TRUE Z5 treadmill features a state-of-the-art motor that, when coupled with its proprietary belt and deck system, gives you the quietest, smoothest workout possible. Workout anytime on thise piece of fitness equipment without worries of disturbing other members of your household or your neighbors. You can also easily enjoy your favorite TV show or music while you use your Z5 treadmill. 


An elegant blue LCD panel combines clear information with effortless controls. Aluminum straddle covers are a stylish touch to this finely crafted piece of home fitness equipment.


The Z5 features TRUE's wireless HRC (Heart Rate Control) system. You select your target heart rate and Heart Rate Control will automatically adjust both grade and speed to help you maintain that heart rate for the ultimate goal focused workout. There is no better way to obtain maximum results from your fitness program in the least amount of time. The Z5 also features walk/run quick keys for ease of use. 


  • Lifetime: Frame
  • 30 Years: Motor
  • 10 Years: Parts
  • 1 Year: Labor
A highly effective workout on the ultimate True Fitness equipment is something that you'll find reaching those goals be a much more pleasant experience.The easy to use console on True's Z series treadmills gives you great data and effortless programming.
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True Fitness Z5.0 Treadmill Specifications