Body ResiStability™ by Vectra Fitness


Body ResiStability™ at its most simple level, is body weighted resistance training combined with stabilization and balance. This quickly evolving and wildly popular exercise category requires you to stabilize and push or pull your body's weight against the force of gravity.

Traditional "against gravity" exercises have long had their roles in training. People have used basic versions of this concept forever. Think push-ups, pull-ups, sit ups, and climbing inclines such as hills and stairs. Body ResiStability™ takes such exercises one giant step further by making the user provide the stability, in the same way that the gymnast stabilizes the rings. The effort needed to stabilize the body during exercise recruits the muscles of the core and leads to exceptional results. 


Vector Fitness' functional trainer arms offer incredible and unprecedented adjustability. This allows Body ResiStability™ to mold the forces that gravity exerts upon the body from straight down to various other directions, exponentially increasing the potential for results. Body ResiStability™ removes the primary limitation that the traditional "against gravity" exercises have always contained. By positioning the body at different angles, we effectively change the force of gravity.

Using handles attached to swiveling anchor points near the pulleys of Vectra's extra versatile Series VX mult functional trainers and the VFT-100, the user can perform a seemingly endless variety of pushing and pulling exercises using their own body weight AND vary the resistance by selecting the angle for the exercise. Developing this means that Vectra provides you with the means to bring muscular balance, joint stability and injury prevention into your life!


An exerciser who might not be able to do a push-up can do an inclined push-up. As the user's abilities increase, the gravity angles can be changed accordingly. The ability to add more or less weight to an exercise is as easy as flipping a switch ... or one of  the patented one touch adjustment levers on the arm of a Vectra functional trainer.

Due to the large number of positions available on Vectra's Body ResiStability™ capable gyms, the sheer number of exercises is significantly greater than can be done on the floor. Add to this the unstable characteristics intentionally incorporated into Body ResiStability™ training, and the potential is unsurpassed. Finally, core and functional training delivered in a format that lives up to the expectations of the concept' Body ResiStability™ body resistance training by Vectra Fitness! 


        • The Body ResiStability concept by Vectra Fitness is body weight against gravity training - found only on Vectra functional training machines. No other functional training machines in the industry offer this concept.
        • Provides an additional machine's worth of utility to your Vectra functional training machine.
        • Offers the perfect periodic change to your workout regimen.
        • Adaptable to anyone's fitness level due to Vectra's patented arm adjustability.
        • The gravity angles can be easily changed as the user's abilities increase, allowing progression.
        • BodyResiStability™ training promotes joint and core stability, strength, balance and flexibility.
        • Body ResiStability™ is another effective component in achieving weight loss and weight maintenance goals.
        • Body ResiStability™ on Vectra machines enables wide position exercises to be performed comfortably.
        • Available on Vectra Multi Functional Trainer models: 


Body ResiStability™ core strength training based programs involve using many muscles in dynamic and coordinated movements against the weight of your own body. By varying the position and angle of the body relative to gravity, this multiplies exercise variety and allows you to change the resistance level. Instead of isolating specific joints as in conventional weight lifting exercises, Body ResiStability™ focuses on working the body's "core" muscles. These core muscles are the foundation for all movement. The biggest benefit of core training is to develop functional fitness - fitness essential to daily living and regular activities, and sports specific activities.

Your body's core muscles lie deep within the torso and attach to the spine, pelvis, and muscles that support the scapula. When these muscles contract, they stabilize the spine, pelvis, and shoulders and create a solid base of support allowing us to generate powerful movement of the extremities. Training these muscles can correct postural imbalances and is essential to injury prevention and sports performance.

A proven effective method of increasing core stability is to train in an unstable environment. By using the nylon strap handles, foot straps and optional multi-purpose bar, etc. attached to the swiveling Body ResiStability™ anchor points, the desired instability is created. The engagement of your core and postural muscles are required to maintain the position of these handles in space. This instability is the key to adding challenge for your core. Also, the ability to conveniently vary the width and height of the attachment points is the key to tailoring the resistance level to your abilities and goals. Results are greatly enhanced.

While exercise programs incorporating Body ResiStability™ may be modified for a wide range of people, the unstable environment can result in serious injury. If you are not familiar with using body resistance against gravity training, we recommend that you study our Body ResiStability™ chart in detail, and start with body
positions that yield very light loads. Or, you may want to consult with a certified personal trainer. As a general
rule, the force required to do an exercise is lighter when the body is positioned more vertically, essentially lessening the effect of gravity. To increase the training load, adjusting your body's position more horizontally will increase the gravitational load. Make small incremental positional changes only as your ability to maintain balance progresses.


You can choose to use all Strength Exercises, all Stretch Exercises, concentrate on certain portions of the body or mix them up to create your own unique Body ResiStability routine.





  • Suspended Bar Push Up
  • Suspended Feet Push Up
  • Angled Chest Fly


  • Body Weight Row
  • Body Weight Lat Pull
  • Reverse Grip Pull Up
  • Rear Shoulder Y-Raise
  • Pike-Plane-Pull


  • Triceps Body Press
  • Body Weight Biceps Curl
  • Suspended Dip


  • Reclined Squat
  • Horizontal Abduction
  • Horizontal Single Leg Curl
  • Single Leg Lunge


  • Body Weight Pullover
  • Horizontal Hip Lift
  • Horizontal Knee Tuck
  • Suspended Side Plank
  • Suspended Hip Abduction
  • Sprinter Start

Strength Exercises

Vectra Fitness Body ResiStability Strength Exercises

Stretch Exercises

Vectra Fitness Body ResiStability Stretch Exercises