Vectra VX-11 Gym

The VX-11 is a sturdy addition to any home gym or facility floor, whether used as a freestanding unit or joined to the VX-18 or the VX-38. The four exercises on the VX-11 are leg press, calf press, preacher curl and triceps extension.


  • Freestanding or attachable to other VX machines.
  • Large footplate
  • 8 different seat adjustments
  • Superior lumbar support


Here you have a commercial quality leg press like you would find in a commercial club, with the added exercises of a calf press, preacher curl, and triceps extension. One of the great things about this particular Vectra Fitness equipment design is it is designed to be a freestanding piece, as well as a component of the Series VX, it allows you greater flexibility in space use and traffic flow.


All at one station? Yes, Vectra knows all about being cramped for space. They've done an outstanding job at maximizing the number of exercises per square foot. With the VX-11, the seat back used for the leg press/calf press converts in one movement to a biomechanically correct preacher curl station. You will appreciate the cambered bar, perfectly positioned for your next set in a pinch-proof cradle.


During leg presses, the non-skid footplate pivots throughout the exercise motion, minimizing ankle stress. Adjust the ball-bearing guided seat back and move the feet down onto the purpose designed section of the footplate for an unbeatable calf press. The step through design and the handy stack location are other features that separate Vectra from the pack.


  • 4 commercial quality exercises: Leg press, calf press, preacher curl, and triceps extension.
  • Ingenious seat back adjusts to provide comfortable and biomechanically correct preacher curl.
  • Dual cushion seat back provides excellent lumbar support for leg press and calf press exercises.
  • The step through design and accessible weight stack location separates Vectra from the pack.
  • Large, non-skid footplate pivots throughout exercise motion to minimize ankle stress.
  • Pulley configuration maximizes weight stack for greater leg exercise resistance.
  • The components used on the VX-11 are the very best, including stainless steel guide rods, powder coated weight plates, ball bearing pulleys, and aircraft quality cable with stainless steel fittings.
  • Large diameter tubing, besides adding to the integrity of the welded frame, creates an elegant and aesthetically pleasing look.
  • Ball bearing guided seat back for easy adjustments while in exercise position.
  • 4 Frame colors and 14 upholstery colors (2 standard, 12 premium) available.
  • Handcrafted and proudly made one at a time in the U.S.A.Includes exercise / safety poster.



5 YEARS: Frame 10 YEARS: Frame
5 YEARS: Weight stack, guide rods 5 YEARS: weight stack, guide rods, pulleys
1 YEAR: Pulleys, cables, upholstery, bearings           1 YEAR: Cables, upholstery, bearings
Easy user access with the step through design on the VX-11 Gym is just one innovation found on Vectra Fitness equipment.Take a load off your ankles during leg press workouts with the pivoting footplate found only on the VX-11 from Vectra Fitness.One simple motion and the VX-11 converts from a leg/calf press station to one that delivers biomechanically correct biceps and preacher curls.One simple adjustment and the seat back on the VX-11 creates a comfortable platform for club quality preacher curl workouts.
Vectra VX-11 Gym Specifications